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Entry 1

“NEWS M’LORD!”, customers and friends…


We have, after eight years of searching, found the building for us.  We are finally moving.   It will be a slow process with way too much work involved.


As our online shop/website is fully established and working very successfully it does not matter much where we live, so nothing changes for our customers, except that we will be extending our range.


The news is that we will be setting up a “lost arts” school with workshops, a gallery for exhibitions on the tourist route, Park-over space and facilities for mobile campers, residencies with visiting artists, accommodation for artists/potters from all over NZ and overseas to take workshops.  A hub for any artist to share information and advertise themselves.  A meeting place for the like-minded.


Already we have interest from overseas potters wanting a cheap working holiday in NZ.  


There will be market days 4 times a year with cheap stall hire so you can make a profit.


So!  The building is a handyman’s nightmare, the old Marton Railway Station hotel.  10,000 sq ft with 3 phase wiring, commercial gas for kilns.  Currently painted a faded banana yellow with formica walls and red and orange carpets…


We will shortly be moving our stuff up there on our days off - Sundays and Mondays.   The Wellington shop will still be open usual hours for locals.  


There will be a blog on our website and Facebook showing blow by blow progress punctuated with photos.  We are working towards invading Marton with artists of all kinds.  It is a charming country town 20mins to Whanganui and 20mins to Palmerston North, 2 hours to Wellington, right on the main North Island tourist route.  Check it out on and for great bargain property buying.


On our Facebook page under Kate Fransham or Wellington Potters Supplies, you can be kept up to date on fabulous work going on worldwide.


Kate & Warren



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