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The Galleries in this list are selling or showcasing the work of artists in one or more of our exhibitions.


Click on the links below to visit their websites.

FEAST PROJECTS - Art gallery Hong Kong   


FEAST Projects is an exciting new art venture based in Hong Kong and founded by Philippe Koutouzis in 2010. FEAST Projects endeavors to produce innovative projects through collaboration with both established and emerging contemporary artists. Global in outlook, FEAST Projects represents artists from around the world who work in classical mediums, and also embraces the new convergence of art, music, performance, film and design.

DICKINSON GALLERY - Art gallery New York and London  


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PICASSO CERAMICS - Signed Original Lithographs, Prints, Etchings, & Sculptures 


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GALLERIES + Magazines + gift shops + art + art lovers = sales

and shiny happy people holding hands.

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